Pacific Ocean Boundary Ecosystem & Climate Study

ABOUT POBEX: Using US and international observational datasets combined with physical and biological models, this project investigates the mechanisms of climate-related variability in three Pacific boundary ecosystems: Gulf of Alaska (GOA) and California Current System (CCS) referred to as the Northeast Pacific (NEP), the Humboldt or Peru-Chile Current System (PCCS), and the Kuroshio-Oyashio Extension (KOE) region.

POBEX 2009-2013

PIs: E. Di Lorenzo, V. Combes, A. Bracco, J. Keister, P.T. Strub, A. Thomas, P.J.S. Franks

NOAA Co-PIs: S. Bograd, W. Peterson, R. Mendelssohn, F. Schwing

Japanese Collaborators: S. Chiba, Y. Sasai, H. Sasaki, M. Nonaka, B. Taguchi, A. Ishida

South American Collaborators: O. Pizarro, R. Escribano, S. Hormazabal, V. Montecino

Canadian Collaborators: D. Mackas, M. Foreman, A. Pena, W. Crawford

A synthesis of POBEX - [ PDF ]


POBEX contributions to US GLOBEC - [ PDF ]


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Georgia Institute of Technology

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